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2010-03-20 06:45:48 by JarodsWurldStudios

Okay, most of the script is done for Ouija and if you can tell I'm not using NG often. Anyway Julian (JulianCheese), Josh (TheStopofMotion) and Wheeler (Animatigo (DonWheelerP)) Are guest starring in it. And If your wondering Living Together 1 will be posted on this account. That is all.

Blows dust off of Newgrounds account

2010-01-31 17:11:35 by JarodsWurldStudios

Jeez, Its been like a YEAR since I used my Newgrounds. Well, anyway I've been working on my new animations they so far include:
- The Addiction 3
- Jarod, Joey & J.T's Big Movie

Yeah, Hears a screenshot from Jarod, Joey & J.T's Big Movie:

Yup. I'm working! But it'll be a while!
EDIT: Also I have a NEW Live Action movie coming out soon called "The Electric Man"

Blows dust off of Newgrounds account

New Grounds

2009-09-22 17:49:41 by JarodsWurldStudios

Just got a Newgrounds Soooo Ya